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  • Rosella Reggin

not all Mothers day celebrations are the same

With Mother’s day fast approaching my thoughts turn to many of the mothers stories in the scriptures’ _ “Mary” ..

…what was she up to the day the Angel came to her? Had it ever crossed her mind ‘ that she might be ‘blessed’ among women’… was she in the garden’ enjoying the day ‘ or walking the fields ? Perhaps just dealing with the duty of the daily’s ?… The visit of an angel to her personally is enough for pause’ .. after. his assurance to her’ do not be afraid ‘ she does not run’ or hide but seems to be in ‘deep wonder’ ‘how can this be? .. interestingly enough she was allowed this question whereas Zechariah got the ‘mute button’ when he had the very same question… I’m thinking , he knew better, perhaps he was in unbelief whereas Mary seemed to know ‘to bow’ …be it to me as you say…

Being found pregnant would be one thing _ being told you will carry the Son of God overshadowed by the Holy Spirit is quite another.

In the Roman world amongst all the grit and grime’ this humble family’s life was turned upside down’.. nothing could remain the same’ …Mary’s parents ,did they dream that this event would mark their time line…? For their very young daughter’? Without a doubt God’s ways are mysterious , then and now’ ..even with our own gifts of children and grandchildren will we be brave as Mary was to bow to God’s best for them?, ..she never forgot who she was ‘ walking with him , she would wonder, she would suffer..throughout his journey on earth , I suspect the pondering ’ in her heart never ceased till her dying day…both Mary and Joseph went up to the was the custom .. to present Jesus to the Lord’ , here is our encouragement’ we can present our gifts from Him to Him, knowing he will sustain us in his purposes for us all on our journey through.


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