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  • Rosella Reggin

Trailblazer God ..Psalm 32:8..I will advise you and watch over your ways'..

there are so many paths.. roads., ... ways... one can take in the journey of life' _ but one thing remains, there is a right way , a right path, the best road,... we may many mistakes as we travel on the road of life' take a wrong turn' when one path is so much more appealing ... thinking the map we have picked up will take us to where we want to go. but again in God's beautiful grace it takes only a turning back to the best path he had planned for us long ago. some roads are obvious to avoid' we walk around 'potholes' we know would hurt' .. some may not be as clear 'especially when our desire for something is stronger than our desire for him 'and him alone. next time someone poses the question ... what way are you taking ? Remember John 14::6 _ Jesus said I am the Way the Truth and Life no man comes tot he Father except 'thru me'

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