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What makes this Christmas event... different?

A quietly spiritual event in a secular setting

This event is totally scripture inspired.   The founder was astonished at the many references to trees, and in particular, pine trees in the Bible.   The entire message of Christmas is thoughtfully delivered through 25 themed trees, from Genesis to Revelation, revealing insights into the greatest gift we ever received ... the birth and sacrifice of our Savior.   Join us for a thought provoking walk through the trees in a new location....  "previously enjoyed in the beautiful mansion known as Undercliff House, on Spokane's South Hill" now presenting in Palm Valley Community Center, Goodyear, AZ.   Come and spend time "Contemplating the meaning of Christmas" .

The origins of this event?     Rosella Reggin, conceived this event and was compelled to make it come to life.  She and her husband Jim have presented the event in previous years.  This year our new location is the Palm Valley Community Center, Goodyear, AZ. 

We are also thankful to the many volunteers that assist us, as a labor of love, to enable us to make this event FREE to the community for the Christmas season.

Find out more about the inspiration for the event, by reading Rosella Reggin's personal blog and devotional, LIVE here. 

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