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  • Rosella Reggin

Don’t let the New get Old …

We have heard it said’ ‘New Beginnings, New Life, New Nature, … don’t we love a ‘new day’ ? .. it reminds me of Jesus’ Words’ a New commandment i give to you’ although it was really old .. this was to find ‘expression’ in a new way… from deep in our heart of hearts ‘Jesus would give us the Holy Spirit to enable us to die to the old and to live to the New ‘his life

. .. in and through us, would the ‘old’ disappear ? .. unfortunately not as long as we journey here on earth. …. Our old nature will constantly seek to raise up what we are asked to ‘die’ to … Thankfully in spite of our ‘failure to love well’ he does not write us off’ but continues to assure us of love .. his steadfast , unfailing love i may add. I love a new year’ the past year with all it’s up’s and down’s is gone’ we can now only reflect on what we learned or didn’t learn .. and we can look forward to more .. to relate in ‘more mature ways’ to draw closer to the One who invites ‘ draw near to me so i can draw near to you! … Thank you Jesus for your faithfulness in being close, your promise to never leave us or forsake us is a comfort stronger than the feel of arms around … more powerful than gentle words that speak’ in hopes to heal.. you are our True and Trustworthy Friend.

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