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  • Rosella Reggin

A sure Hope

we would have missed this prickly sprawling monster' heavy with beauty had we not taken the long way around...:) had our plans taken us away for two brief day's , they would not have waited for us... this soft but wild glory' it came quiet' .. do you think the Creator intended it to ' take our breath away' momentarily? in just turning a corner , the picture changed.

Always a timely message in the desert, as we experience prickly plants, places and people... the beauty inside awaits to bloom at just the right time ....

I penned this short poem 'way back in 2012 and it' still fits , it could not be more true ... this year 2022 .. passion week day 2.... if your reading this 'stay grateful' Reflect deeply especially this week , Rejoice deeply on Resurrection Day' .. * it is finished! He is Risen!

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