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  • Rosella Reggin

Son of God _ Son of Man

Throughout our walk thru the forest of trees we ponder the question ‘who is this Bethlehem barn born baby boy? From Genesis to Revelation it seems clear _ when God wants something to happen he works thru who, what, when, where and how he wills, in and thru the person and power of Holy Spirit ‘ reading in the OT it amazes me how many times he sent his prophets again and again … his chosen people , his chosen nation…and his angels as his messengers… so involved, sometimes obeyed, but so ignored, and opposed. All he has done and chooses still to do thru the Holy Spirit and his faithful church, he does so in his great kindness to us.

As prophesied he chose to plant the holy seed in the virgin Mary, .. her heart’ and words would echo the incarnate to us… ’I am the Lord’s servant, Mary answered. May it be unto me as you have said.. ’bewildered in spirit ‘ but accepting her assignment .

All around the world ‘ this special day’ Christmas’.. is recognized by the church and world culture alike’ , how it is celebrated differs vastly in hearts and in homes. ‘the church’ the keeper of this story, is still faithfully proclaiming the Messiah’s birth, the abundant paintings of the virgin mother Mary depict her tenderness lovingly with the baby Jesus…. are we remembering to celebrate the impact of the birth of this baby boy.. born in a barn in bethlehem? ...she too had to ponder ‘all these things ih her heart’…which would end with piercing her heart. He, the Way Truth and Life] that stepped down from heaven to earth and changed history forever. In pursuit of love for us ..humbly joined humanity, he grew in wisdom and in stature, … he learned obedience’… he walked among us he became like one of us carefully leaving instructions for us.. He came for God’s purpose, then fulfilled it when he set his face like a flint toward Jerusalem to pay the horrible price taking the weight of sin on himself, to nail it to the cross once and for all…all …for us … just so we could forever be with him for our every day lives and spend eternity with him .

As we ponder him in our ‘Advent reads’ this month …let's linger longer here’ remembering his life here, his joys, his deep sufferings ,…then entirely separated ..from the Father’s love….to gain victory over the grave. .

He has gifted us’ how will we gift him?

No glam _ some glitz_ ..a lot of glory!

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