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  • Rosella Reggin

shadows will fall _ keep your light burning

the neighborhood has dimmed once more'.. all the efforts of delighting young and old alike with the gaiety of snowmen, lights upon lights, nativity scenes' and the golden angels are finding their way back .. to rest quietly stuffed into tubs , for another season ...

the New Year does not wait'.. it unfolds day upon day' and will carry us to New Beginnings, but only if we are intentional . What 'new' will come? What old will go? ' _ one can't help but wonder amongst so much light, were there shadows that visited ? was the shadow large enough to snuff out the light? .. did it just burn out from not tending to it ? ,.. or is it just barely flickering, thinking of the 'unknown's ahead ? or...were you able to keep your focus on the Light Himself and keep your heart burning brightly for Him ?

Psalm 97:2 tells us though clouds and thick darkness surround him but they cannot diffuse your throne of Justice and Righteousness .. you bring the clouds, the shadows ' for us but you are not clouded or shadowed by anything , you see clear , ..when clouds and darkness come we hear the whisper of an invite _ to come to the place to meet with your Father and tell him all about the shadows , the clouds that seek to hide the light. He so desires for us to 'make known' our requests to Him. Phil. 4:6 Be anxious for nothing' but in every situation , by prayer and petition , with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

Isaiah 2:5 _ let us walk in the Light of the Lord. _ 'keep your face focused on the Son' and the shadows fall behind you.

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