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  • Rosella Reggin

Redwoods_ silent witnesses

The majestic towering redwoods we see in California today ..were they really developing their root system , and growing thousands of years ago? ' would Jesus have been born , and have walked under the same sky , shared the same sunlight as they did ?

At opposite ends of the world there was another type of 'seedling' planted ready to birth ... in the Roman Province of Palestine , a young couple in search of much needed rest , rejected and turned out by the innkeeper ... finally accept the warmth of a a stable where cattle were lowing ,[having grown up on a farm ' there was a type of winter warmth ' in the barn , after you came in from below zero temps ] , I can only hope they had some kind of warmth ... The Star of Bethlehem would rise and shine directly on this ' barn born baby boy' ! Prophecy fulfilled, ... History would change at that very moment.

Across the world the little green seedling continued to grow reaching a height of 50 ft by AD 33. Today you can touch the trees that were already growing when Jesus was born , crucified and raised from the dead. ... all in 33 short years ! When the Holy Spirit descended at pentecost and when Paul preached to the skeptics on Mars Hill ..these young trees in the redwood forest were thriving . .

Sometimes it seems like the words we read in the NT took place so long ago that they almost lose reality for us. but then you remember that there are trees alive today when all these events took place ... and then it just does not seem that long ago...

in a way ...The Redwood trees are the ' silent witnesses' .. to the world, shaping events that happened 2 millennia ago , .....with us today ... this little fact could remind us of the Christ , his long lasting love for us , .. his patience in our long lasting growing season _ the fact of his provision for our need of nutrients, good soil, moisture and sunlight warmth to grow to maturity, . are you not so glad 'He Came' for us!


'the oldest coastal redwood tree is estimated to be about 2,520 years old _ called the President ...' interesting! ( it would have been about 500 years old when Jesus was born.)

1st Corinthians 15:6

after that he was seen by more than 500 christian .....

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