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  • Rosella Reggin

Older in October

What a wonder we have _ to know 'who is true' what is true' amid all of 'what is not'...The knowledge that God our Father is the 'Reality' bigger than any situation , circumstance, or experience ..good or bad I may add. . He 'The Word' who has been from the beginning' will also have the last word , on everything and everyone. Not only is he the KEY' , he has the Key to the doors he has shut' and the keys to the doors he needs opened.

Every narrative these days' seems to beg an argument ' a rebuke' of "you don't have the 'whole story'! .etc etc. .frankly it' seems 'odd' and at the same time' the best time ' to attempt to write the ...'about the glory true' ......when there will be many in the Middle East who have no idea 'how or if' they will celebrate Christmas or Hanukah .....not to mention the probability of 'never going back home' we can only imagine what it would be like to be in their shoes' ... our prayers are for them all '... for the men women, sons and daughters who serve their country ' for the losses experienced ... and the memory of brutality etched deep into their minds' ... we can take a deep breath and remember in our finiteness' ...the infinite ' . nothing thwarts the plan of our God' he knows the end from the beginning ' the beginning from the End... oh that we may heed the message 'seek' the Messiah... may his word be taken to heart, in us and thru us the world over...

can we believe He is the Key '? and if we have courage to take up and use the key' he has given? The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and the foundation of good judgement ....Isaiah 33:6 the fear of the Lord is the Key to this treasure......

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