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  • Rosella Reggin

Not all Fathers are equal......

A day wide,' perhaps world wide, one that needs to be celebrated for sure' but likely not celebrated in every heart or home... our Bio Dads come in every imaginable and unimaginable uniform.. some of them 'awesome dads' some 'not so much' . many enjoy their God given responsibilities, many others 'endure them' . and still more ambivalent about them. ..

and who could forget the History of our Founding Fathers.! This beautiful country came together thru so much hardship, collectively making decisions for what they thought was right' the courage, fortitude' they exercised in heeding the sound person and principles of our Judaeo Christian roots every sphere we have been privileged to experience the freedoms they lived and died for.!.. yet, being earthlings, they too were mere men; fathers who loved their children' like the gift of life itself...willing to risk their all for the country's gain. .

*The Beloved Scriptures remind us of our Heavenly Father ,the ONE who is True and Right ,2nd Corinthians 6:18 _ "I will be a Father unto you and you will be my sons and daughters" _ this is so rich in promise ...His Love proved beyond a shadow of doubt in the message of the cross. He has not left us without' He has given us His Standard. ...yet he also reminds us that his ways are higher than our ways' He is 'beyond understanding' of his ways with his children.

*the Father of Lies, one who may be contemplated but not always readily discerned. ' the author of the evils of the heart.., when selfishness , passivity..pride, arrogance, hypocrisy, angst 'rule' the heart... ..the never ending list of 'sinning against' and being sinned against bearing certain bitter fruit' _ we will suffer alongside this enemy ..until the day our heavenly Father says 'it's time to come home'.

How grateful we can be' ... this journey of life ends well if we know our Heavenly Father well, for He has the wisdom we need to deal with all the faces of our fathers. .John 17:3 _ now this is Eternal Life that they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.

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