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  • Rosella Reggin

Mother Mulling May

never before have we seen so many organizations 'marching with motivated leaders'

our streets lined with 'church upon church, and new ones planted here and there' study' groups. are flourishing '..prayer groups gather, never before has the printed page loaded with truths been. so available to the entire globe. .. never

before in our lifetime living in this broken world have we had so much chaos' division , confusion , and ill will' ... the battle of the culture of life vs. the culture of death will not rest' .

as the daffodil's pop up in their brightly colored dress' and tulip's announce their arrival ... we 'feel' the hope of NEW' ... oh for a strong wind of truth to blow across our nation' and settle in all our people's - where hearts and minds would turn once more to the baby boy born in Bethlehem ,to Jesus , who grew in wisdom and in stature' , who fulfilled his purpose and plan of the Father , taking on him 'all of our breakage' defeating death ' by rising from it' so we could live life for him in him ...

Father as we walk our journey thru the war zones we encounter ' may we remember you are our Warrior God' .... full of grace and truth.

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