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  • Rosella Reggin

"Leave" it with Him

October 2022

Driving from city to city ‘in the great state of Texas these last couple of days ‘ in spite of high temps you could sense the autumn moving in,… the change. … the leaves curl visibly drying’.. under beautiful seasonal blue sky’s ., that seem to nod in agreement its time.

The cattle grazing contentedly on the green’ still sought the shade’ plodding across the pasture … I yawn lazily sharing their weary’ for some horizontal time. … my thoughts meander to ..Psalm 23 …The Lord is my Shepherd , pastures, quiet waters…then, yea though I walk thru the valley of the ‘shadow’ of death … is this not so much more than eminent death which will visit us all? , . this is where we all walk..’ some closer to it than others ‘ but even still the one we thought was close to the grave revives’ and the other is yet closer…we know not’ , no we know not! On our journey thru we encounter so many ‘shadows ‘ .. realities and around our losses’ regrets, disappointments , questions, the weary, doubts, not to mention ‘the hard of ‘letting go’ ..and yet we are promised ‘we lack nothing’ we have abundance, in him .

We have all likely at one time observed the last leaf on the oak hanging on tenaciously .. until finally ‘a stronger force of wind takes it down …. The one who colors the glorious sunrise, the gorgeous sunsets ,_ ‘the delicious of food and friendship’ really are all shadows .. for what ’s yet to come.… ..what you don’t want ‘changed’ changes and what you want changed ‘doesn’t _horrible things happen … wonderful things happen’ but at the end of the day’ our call is only to ‘Leave’ it with him. Leave it with the Good Shepherd. This is our True and ‘Holy comfort’ the joys of walking with the ONE who knows the end from the beginning _ as we trust Him in ‘childlike faith’ as we remember that we are not at home here, we are here to walk each other home. . B 'leave

…Him .........Rest in Matthew 11:28

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1 commentaire

03 oct. 2022

…basking in your words, your insight. Thank you, Gail

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