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  • Rosella Reggin

June Jewels : Celebrate your Heavenly Father

These hardy winter whites so caught my attention the other day' ... evidently insisting on coming out in field of grassy debris.. a tough and tender picture of our Father's Love..I mused ,... not only did he put his beauty on my path but gave me such a vivid reminder of how he shows up 'small and strong' in the hot and dry.. as well as in the Thunderclaps and brightly colored rainbows of life. [ I would have missed them had I not been looking down]...

Exodus 20:12 we read 'honor your father..having grown up mostly w/o a father .[he would celebrate his 106th bday this June] . I was thrilled when i learned I did have a Father who has a wide open heart and arms' a listening ear' kind eyes and words that will always share his perspective in perfect love, ... if we give him time and space to do so, a Father who won't err in dishing out consequences of our decisions , our choices and one who won't withhold love from us when we stumble ... Our God does not lie' ... His promises never fail.. He is always good .. He will never leave us or forsake us.. in all of the 'myriad. of questions we ponder on when events occur that we can't resolve in our humanness... he so desires for us to come to this place of peace and safety by faith a posture of Trust .... how we all need this place to navigate our daily lives effectively for him.

...every day confronts us with the state of our relationships _ first with him and with others' _ can we rise above the pain ? the offense given? the compliment? the chaos? can we hear what his whisper? his shout ? .... will I hear the voice of the Heavenly Father? my biological father'? or the father of lies? our response will indicate who we love most. ... Celebrate Father's Day by purposing to meet with him daily know his ways, paths, ... HIM..

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