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  • Rosella Reggin

Can a crooked Tree grow straight once more?

It’s a beautiful thing to watch a flourishing life’ .. to experience life in a country that stands as one with the author of true justice , righteousness, truth and grace 'our Lord Jesus Christ'. all thru the scriptures we are told' When a ruler is righteous the people rejoice’ _and when not'.. the people groan! .. ‘ How faithfully our Heavenly Father cares,, knowing what is best for his children‘.. since ancient times 'he sent prophets... time and time again to warn’ to teach’ to encourage … ‘if’... you keep my commands ' even alerting us with the question we all verbalize with expression either of mouth or mind …. ‘Why’ has this happened ? ..Today' I'm paying attention to the words ‘why’? and ‘Because’…. With the kings and throughout Chronicles … how and when they would experience success or rather when they acted in accordance with God’s Word through the prophets .. and how when they ‘turned away’ forsaking him ..their lives bent, turned toward calamity’ every time.. then crying out for God's Mercy., they would turn and repent..

Only a few ‘did’ what was right in the eyes of the Lord … and grew upwards pleasing Him.

_ God can straighten that which is crooked, that's a big praise' for sure' ...but one cannot 'un-grow' what was' ..only keep growing 'upwards' with Him.. Bask in Psalm 1 .

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