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  • Rosella Reggin

Autumn turns toward...

Isaiah 6:13 -So the holy seed will be the stump in the land.

Autumn has come_ our carefully chosen plantings taking root in warm soil …the anticipation of ‘that first spring time sprout’ brought us surprising ‘life’… then joy, as we nurtured their blooming during the summer… now outlived their garden beauty, the heavy boughs of green faded, hearty colors flowering … are slowly good bye-ing to the heat and humidity and saying hello to the glory of golds and reds … even in desert drys. With landscape changes, the air now crisp ‘with that distinctive fall feeling’… the aroma of freshly harvested grain, all pointing toward ‘times a changing’. The predictable structure in … back to routines, new adventures… be it church, school, work, or play … there is something ‘restful’ about this time of year even though our pace and our space are filled with face…

Our brilliant ‘designer’ has taught us so much through this ‘Nature’ that seasons, although announced with ‘calendar habit’ … approach us quietly …and except for the watchful eye leaves us without too much fanfare… only the seeing eye takes in how they come, do their work and then make their exit.… we too like plants have had changes, seen and unseen . The hopes and prayers that were planted in our hearts in spring … did they receive the nurturing to bloom over the summer? ..did the weeds of pain and loss take root attempting to thwart good seeds planted, even trample on faith residing ? perhaps you experienced only pure Joy as Hope sprang up in your heart of hearts with the companionship of the waiting seed … even now is being harvested with a growing faith, a richer trust, dependent alone on the holy seed to nourish his beauty in us … a year ‘older, slower, more grey’? wiser?.. ever leaning into the rhythm the change of seasons brings. The daily gift of breath, the hearts murmurs, we move forward in his grace, to the promise of Holy Seed growth in us.

If you are reading this, we are delighted you are walking alongside us in anticipating the celebration of Jesus birthday... through the venue of ‘experiencing a contemplative Christmas’ through a forest of trees.

Together we remember who we are because he was willing to share our humanity, willing to come for us. Together our hearts are quieted as we remember the security and benefits of resting on this solid foundation of the True ‘Old Old story’ that never gets old no matter how often it’s told. Together we can exalt him in worship, praise, serving, reflections and hard work :) …

.... Keeping Christmas Christmas .

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