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  • Rosella Reggin

Again and Again

Psalm 19:1 'the heavens declare the glory of God, day after day they pour forth speech, night after night they display knowledge.

Recently learned a 'new song' in worship and praise ....'hearing'... 'Come to the Father'again and again and again'...another 'remind for and to each other' of the greatness of God' _ His goodness' mercy' unfailing love and oh so much more..... however... it also took me to a more negative connotation of the phrase 'again and again' .. the book of Jeremiah boasts about a dozen times ' ... .. how God in His un-failing love sent the prophets 'again and again' ... warning but they would not listen or pay attention......just like a loving parent will do everything they can to to keep their littles from impending or lurking danger... his heart ached for them to choose well. .

if we have breath in our lungs' if we wake up to a 'new day' when we see the brush strokes of color with the sun say 'good morning to the day' and then again he paints a night sky in hopes we look up and turn to him , the ONE who sits on the circle of the earth' desires we do so. .. for he made us to do so.

Father thank you for sending Jesus to us'_ we are an undeserving people _you have made us NEW' _ we need your love to flow thru us. apart from HIM you can do nothing.

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