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  • Rosella Reggin

Happy Birthday Jesus

the birth of a child [entirely light] stepped into the darkness of the world made possible not just a new way of understanding life' but a new way of living it. Frederick Buchner

I love what one Christ follower writes :...

Think about it: God came to earth, not in a flashy show of signs, and wonders, but as an infant born into poverty and obscurity . After living as a refugee in Egypt, he returned to grow up in Nazareth, a backwoods town a long way from the big city. He waited thirty years to begin any public ministry and even then , refused to do miracles on demand or overwhelm people with his brilliant intellect. His ministry was small and almost invisible by the world's standards. Throughout his ministry , Jesus exercised his power carefully so as not to manipulate or force people into following him . He revealed just enough of himself to make faith possible, but hid just enough of himself to make faith necessary . he did not ride into Jerusalem on a handsome horse but on a humble donkey , he allowed himself to be arrested and treated as if he were a common criminal . Then as he hung on the cross in the worst moment of his earthly life, his final prayer was a question he quoted from the Psalms ;" My God , my God, why have you forsaken Me? ... Jesus exemplified raw humanity! in his struggle to obey his Father' _ Thank God he did! His coming to all of humanity .. so humanity could come to him . He is the Way, ...He has shown us the way.

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